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Launch of the Philanthropy Planning and Family Succession Program for Chinese Families

The turn of the century was marked with an increased priority on family succession issues in Asia. Over the next two decades, the many billionaires in Asia — with 85% of them being first-generation family business founders — will face the great challenges of passing their values, wealth, and business to their next generations. China has now overtaken the U.S. to have the largest number of dollar billionaires, with continuous tremendous wealth growth during this period galvanized by the new economy, particularly in the tech sector. In response to the vast and growing needs for learning in family successions and family philanthropy by the new wealth families in Asia, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy is collaborating with Alliance For Good to develop and design the Philanthropy Planning and Family Succession Programme to train batches of Chinese-speaking philanthropists, families, entrepreneurs, and senior executives.

The overall program will be delivered through several batches with hybrid models of delivery, which includes online masterclasses, in-class learning at the LKYSPP campus in Singapore, as well as 6–12 month-long Chinese fellowship programs in philanthropy planning and family succession.

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